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Jeanne-Louise Art

Buzz: original bee painting

Buzz: original bee painting

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Medium: Original acrylic painting on paper

Dimensions: A4 | 297 by 210 cm (approx.)

Completed: 2023

Artist notes: Agapanthus remind me of Cape Town where they bloom prolifically along the road. It's a joy to have one in my garden and I'm super proud that it survived winter and bloomed again one year in to its life in my courtyard garden.

Created as part of a series of charming acrylic painting studies. Each bee and bloom painted from observation plein air in the Yorkshire sunshine. The meditative process of painting bees from life is so good for my soul. If you're looking for something summery and soulful, this is the nature-inspired series for you. 

Artwork framing tips:

  • Frame behind glass.
  • Always include a mount so that the painting isn't too snug against the glass.
  • A light grey, pastel blue, cream or white mount is recommended for these, as you want a mount that complements the subtlety of the delicate brushwork.
  • Leave lots of white space around the image, the space is part of the artwork. 
  • You can trim the artwork slightly before framing but don't lose the asymmetry of the composition. Trim only from the bottom and make sure that the space below the painted image is at least the same depth as the space above the painted image.
  • A grey frame works well (I've framed one of these for exhibition). You could also opt for any natural wood colours or even match the frame with the colours in the artwork (soft blue, purple, deep yellow, sage green).
  • Choose a frame that's not too heavy for the artwork. You could try a thin frame or one with a bevelled edge.


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