Welcome to my art gallery, blog and shop. I create atmospheric, intuitive artworks inspired by dance, nature and the soulful joy of creating.

Selfie of Jeanne-Louise a woman wearing a velvet hat and dress. She is holding up a handful of new assorted paintbrushes.

I’m inspired by life in motion. Flowers coming into bloom and swaying in the breeze to remind us we’re alive. The power of the sea washing away our fears. Morphing clouds and light in the sky. The magical world of dance.

I paint what I feel more than what I see. My art is expressive and gestural, showing the movement and emotion of the creative process. Playing music is integral to my painting process. I often dance when I paint.

As my art journey unfolds, I’m finding delight in exploring ways of evolving new textures. The physicality of paint fascinates me. Paint, colour and texture are mesmerising. You know that feeling when a little detail of a painting catches your eye because it simultaneously looks just like a blob of paint and a gentle curling petal, or when a single brushstroke looks like light dancing across water, or when a palette knife streak of colour lights up a sunset sky? That’s what I love about creating. The way the painted mark can look like ordinary paint and yet echo the evolving magic of the world around us and thereby capture our imagination.

I moved to Yorkshire in 2022 and am enjoying growing my art community here. For those of you who are further afield or in other parts of the world, you can buy from my website. I do sell internationally.  

Thank you for visiting my art website. I hope you enjoy perusing my creations and find something to bring some creative delight into your home. 

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