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Jeanne-Louise Art

Tea after church: sunflower still life painting

Tea after church: sunflower still life painting

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Vibrant golden sunflowers are set against a demure sage background in this charming acrylic painting. The colour combination is perfect for adding a subtle touch of colour to your walls if you like understated decor. A lovely still life creation featuring these summer favourites in a glass vase. 

Medium: Original acrylic painting on linen canvas (varnished)

Dimensions: 10 by 12 inches (approx.)

Completed: 2021

Artist notes: While I was waiting for this painting to dry in my home studio, I realised it reminded me of the building in which church function teas and Sunday school classes were held when I was growing up. I don't know whether subconsciously this reminds me of a painting that may have hung there – I can't picture anything in particular or whether there is another association but whatever it may be, it's a very strong association. Thought I'd acknowledge that in the title. 

 This painting was recently on display at Otley's PlantsDOTcom.

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