Looking back on 2022 – part 5: Studio of joy and light

As part of the Find your joy course with Louise Fletcher in 2021, we were asked to do art journal activities. One of the things I wrote about was the big, light studio with plants and space to both dance and paint that I wanted.

That was before I even knew I’d be relocating up north. And yet, here I am, up north renting a home with a lovely top floor room with big windows and enough space for me, my paints, a bit of dancing, and some plants. Manifested!

Collage of Jeanne-Louise and artwork in new studio

Plus, I have the beautiful Chevin (centre pic – my very first Yorkshire landscape) to walk up, a courtyard garden filled with more plants and lots of wall space to hang some art. 

Here’s to 2023 and more joyful creating, dancing and planting. Wishing you light and peace. Thank you for sharing my creative journey.

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