My Christmas publicity surprise

Thank you House & Garden UK for my Christmas surprise. What a delight to hear from your team that my Summer contrast painting is unexpectedly featured in your January issue's "The Art Edit".

Collage of House & Garden January 2022 cover and art edit page with sunflower painting by Jeanne-Louise

This painting was created with a limited colour palette. A standard limited colour palette is the three primaries (red, blue, green) plus black and white. I often omit black entirely from my palette or substitute black with Payne's grey or burnt umber. 

Sunflower painting in progress photographed with paint brush and art palette and the fresh sunflowers visible in the background. 

This painting has already flown to its forever home in Australia. Grateful to its new owners who wrote to tell me they are "so blown away by how beautiful it is!!" Can't wait to see it framed.

Here's the link to browse the rest of my sunflower collection.

** House & Garden images used with permission.


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