Ey up, luv, here are me Yorkshire landscapes

Ey up, it’s 18 months since I moved to Yorkshire. I’m feeling well at home here and my series of Yorkshire landscapes has grown between all the exhibitions and events I've been involved in. The series already includes 5 landscape oil paintings, some flowerscapes and a ballet creation. Here's a lil picture story so you can trace their evolution.

Painting of corps de ballet in white romantic tutus placed in V-formation against overgrown ruined archways

The spell: My "almost first" Yorkshire landscape painting was inspired by the Arthington viaduct that spans the River Wharfe. However, it took on a life of its own and eventually evolved into a ballet set with overgrown castle ruins for the latest addition to my corps de ballet series. Art does as art will. The title of this ballerina painting pays homage to the magical process and, more literally, to fairytales in the classical repertoire. Sign up for my email letters to hear when this one and some other Christmas ballerinas drop.


Chevin View: My "real first" Yorkshire landscape was inspired by the rolling clouds and hills visible as you approach the top of Otley’s iconic Chevin. People often comment on the drama of the skies in this one.


Painting of Arthington viaduct

A new summer: Take 2 for the Arthington viaduct was much more to my liking. Painting the river and the reflections was an absolute dream. So much so that I painted these again and again. Good odds that I shall do so again. Chuffed with the mesmerising water, I was tempted me to leave the painting sans all the vibrant summer blooms on the river’s edge. I didn’t want to ruin it. But courage won and I had immense fun adding the textured blooms. They are visibly raised so add that extra something to this creation.


Sunrise painting of Cookridge morning skies, fields and trees

Sunrise, Cookridge: My favourite thing about Yorkshire is all the amazing skies. I think I’ve spent hours on the X84 bus wishing I had my paints with me and could freeze the moment long enough to quickly dash out those splashes of colour and light. I’ve got loads of awkward out the bus window snaps on my camera to jog my memory when I have studio time. This one was inspired by a winter sunrise. It’s already found its forever home. 


Landscape painting of rocks on slop with hills in distance and blue skies

Promise: There’s one more Yorkshire landscape in the series so far. It’s currently on display at the Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield, as part of the 2023 Fronteer Open. Find out more about this creation and how I painted it in last week's blog.


Square oil painting of fields on hillside under blue skies

Summer stroll: My most recent Yorkshire landscape was inspired by the late summer fields stretching into the sun on a winter’s walk along the River Wharfe. This painting is currently included in Collect Art's "Square Works" exhibition and magazine.


Savouring summer flowerscape painting with bee

Of course, I’ve also created loads of flowerscape inspired by my mini Yorkshire courtyard garden too. My favourite of these, Savouring Summer, is currently gracing North Art’s website. Other favourite Yorkshire flowerscapes include the summer echinacea and spring tulips too. Check out my flora collection here.


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