Sunset at Bosham Harbour

Seascapes 52: week 20

This week's featured seascape is for those of you down south. It's the lovely Sunset at Bosham Harbour. Can you spot the subconscious influence of Monet on this painting? 

Oil painting of sunset over Bosham harbour

Where is Bosham?

Bosham's a quaint coastal village to visit. Not far from Chichester and the lovely West Wittering. It's got some delightful galleries and shops to browse, a sailing club and lots of character. Perfect for a sunset stroll.

A touch of Monet?

Ok, there's something about this one that reminds me of Monet's Impression, sunrise. Does that come across for you?

Wasn't intentional. And certainly not trying to claim this is in his league. But, there's just something about it that makes me think of that iconic painting that gave its name to one of my favourite art movements. The silhouettes of the boats on the water, the glowing orange orb and the muted tones.

It's probably fair to say that the way Monet painted water is influential on my work. I remember a school project where we had to write an essay and I picked one of his river scenes. I remember doing an exercise recreating the painting in pastel. Of course the garish oil pastel hues didn't do justice to the subtlety of his palette. But it was a good exercise. So I'd definitely attribute some of that horizontal brushwork for the water to Monet's influence.

Moreover, my idea of art heaven is L'Orangerie and all those fabulous waterlily paintings. Losing myself in the bliss of all that gestural brushwork. One day I'm going to paint a really, really giant seascape so I can really let loose on a canvas.

No black?

Monet was one of the Impressionists who abandoned black from his palette. My school art teacher taught us to paint without black. And somehow I've tended to stick to this. So instead of black, I tend to experiment with hues such as indigo, burnt umber, purple lake and, sometimes, Payne's grey. I think the first two are the predominant dark hues in this. And some of the lovely warm greys come from mixing indigo with buff titanium (rather than white).

If you fancy gazing out to sea with this seascape on your walls, you can find it in my Land & Sea collection

Thanks for reading Seascapes 52. Next Wednesday we'll wade out with our 21st post in the series. 
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