Preview: new large format seascape oil painting series

There's something magical about a great big canvas. You can really free and lose yourself (in a good way) with a large format. Last year, in particular, I really enjoyed working on a trio of 30 by 24 inch seascapes. I was absolutely delighted to sell this one this past week:

Blue seascape oil painting by Jeanne-Louise Art

^ Once upon a time (oil on canvas, 2021)

Very exciting! I hope its lovely new owners enjoy having it in their home (they're currently waiting for it to come back from the framers). To celebrate the sale, here's a preview for you of the other two paintings in this collection and a little glimpse into the inspiration and materials. 

Seascape oil painting of beach, sea and sky Jeanne-Louise Art

^ Making love (oil painting on cotton canvas, 2021)


Inspiration and process

The inspiration for these pieces comes from a number of beaches I have visited. There are traces of Pringle Bay (in South Africa's beautiful Western Cape), the island of Sol in Cape Verde, and Southbourne and West Wittering (which are the British beaches I have been grateful to visit more recently between the various lockdowns).

Seascape oil painting of shoreline Jeanne-Louise Art

^ Untitled (oil painting on cotton canvas, 2021)

I work from my memories, personal photos and emotions. Definitely indulging my creative licence with these. So, while there are traces of real places, almost all of these are not intended to represent actual places or views. Instead, they express my memories, dreams and emotional responses – to nature, the ocean, the physicality of paint and the process of painting. There are elements of past, present and future in these. Painting the sea is very healing for me. It's one of my absolute favourite subjects. 

Jeanne-Louise outdoors in front of a seascape canvas on an easel

^ Absolutely loved painting this outside in the sunshine!

These three seascapes were painted consecutively as a series. They are united by the similarities in the colour palette I chose for these. They represent a celebration of my love for summer and the healing nature of a walk along the shoreline. They also celebrate my love for oil paint, getting my hands dirty (lots of finger painting in these) and some of my favourite hues.

Jeanne-Louise holding a mug of coffee in front of a seascape painting in progress on her easel  

^ Getting my hands (and face) dirty!



At the time of writing, these paintings are not yet advertised on my website, as I'm in the process of sourcing updated shipping quotations for larger pieces. Please get in touch if you'd like to reserve any of them. They are currently priced at £280 each (excluding shipping/delivery costs). 


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