Looking back on 2022 part 2: The Barley Mill

I’m grateful the number and range of commissions I am asked to do has grown this year. One of my favourites was this special new home portrait of a beautiful converted barn in Shropshire.

Collage of 7 photos of house artwork in various stages of development

The project comprised:

  • Lots of changes to the scale and dimensions of the project – this one grew in size once my clients decided where they were going to hang it
  • A delightful weekend sketching on site and enjoying the hospitality of my lovely hosts
  • At least 25 sketches in various media
  • Many layers of oil paint that dried faster than anticipated in the unexpected British midsummer warmth
  • Another lovely weekend with my clients who came to collect their painting in person.

You can read more about this one in my plein-air sketching and studio painting process blogs.

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