Looking back on 2022 – part 4: Events

During lockdown I embraced my introverted side and almost forgot that I do have a friendly, personable side too. Luckily, 2022 brought opportunities to enjoy the sociable side of artist life.

Collage of 6 images of Jeanne-Louise at exhibitions and markets

Moving north has brought wonderful opportunities to meet new artists and become part of a new community.

I’m particularly grateful to the Yorkshire Life Drawing group who’ve played a big role in giving me a sense of belonging in my new hood. Academic life might prevent me from making it to life drawing every week but when I do make it, it’s really good for the soul. And I was really chuffed to be part of the wonderful Life Forms exhibition at Upco in the autumn.

In November, I joined the Coffee Culture Otley pop-up market at the Courthouse. As artists, many of us spend hours trying to keep momentum on the social media treadmills. Engaging with people in person and having face-to-face conversations about one’s art is incredibly rewarding. Meeting more people from my new community and extending my artist (and coffee) network at the market was reinvigorating. Can’t wait to do more markets in 2023. 

On that note, Yorkshire artists, please let me know if they are any market opportunities that you’d recommend I look in to. Thanks!

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