Enjoying the Reading Charity Art Fair

Huge shout out to all the lovely people who visited the Reading Charity Art Fair yesterday. Thank you for coming! I was really honoured to see so many people I know there yesterday afternoon when I popped in. Thought I'd share some photos for those of you further away.

Here I am in front of my display. The 3 oil paintings on the right panel are mine, as is the sunset landscape on the left. 

Jeanne-Louise stands in front of a display of 5 paintings, 4 of these are her oil paintings.

An aisle at an art exhibition. In the foreground there is a display panel with 3 paintings by Jeanne-Louise Art. A tall man is looking at the artwork further down the aisle.

It's a wonderful exhibition with lots of varied work being sold in aid of a very worthy cause. The pottery piece I had my eye on sold quickly (that'll teach me to hesitate) but my cousins headed home with a beautiful collection of ceramic pieces and lovely jewellery.

You can support our fundraising efforts for the new Royal Berkshire Hospital Staff Wellbeing Centre by visiting the Reading Charity Art Fair at Leighton Park School before 4pm today or purchasing online.

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