Celebrating 1K

Whoohoo! This week I passed the 1000 followers milestone on my @jeannelouiseart instagram account. This is the account where I mostly share my creations inspired by nature: flowers, landscapes, seascapes ... but the occasional cityscape or portrait makes the cut every now and then too. 

Layout with headline text "Celebrating 1000 fabulous followers" and a picture of an artist mannequin holding a placard with a handwritten thank you message.

Hugely grateful to all the fabulous folk in my insta community who follow and support me there. I've been completed surprised by how many kind-hearted souls have crossed my path, all the artists and small biz champions who generously share their experience and tips, and all the inspiring people who are sharing their journeys as they follow their dreams. 

Layout with headline "Thank you fabulous followers" and photo of Jeanne-Louise holding a landscape painting with swans on a river.
So this blog post is simply a thank you to all of you who, despite the mysterious of the algorithm, have come across my art on insta and commented, liked, messaged or shared in my artventures. Thank you! I hope you stick around for more.
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