Exhibition news: Birds on the wall

Bright bird paintings hanging on a wall in a plant shop

Some of my funky feathered friends have flown onto the display wall at Otley's lovely PlantsDOTcom. January always feels like the greyest month, even though the days are slowly lengthening. Seemed like a good idea to plan my most colourful display yet for the third mini exhibition on Dot's walls.

All three creations are acrylic paintings. Gratitude (the flamingo) and Once upon a time (the peacock) were created as part of a bird series. Each bird painting in that series had a different colour palette but shared similarities in approach. They were painted outside in the sunshine using knives, forks and other gadgets to layer paint and build up the feathery forms. Here's a peek at the process:

Peacock painting in progress on easel in garden

Woman holidng plastic knife with paint on it in front of an owl painting in progress on easel in garden

Flamingo painting in progress on easel in garden

The owl included in the display is a different owl from an earlier foray into birds in acrylic. It shares a bright palette with the others but is less textured.

The flamingo is my favourite of these. Would love to hear which one is yours in the comments below.

If you'd like to order any of these birds after the exhibition, please get in touch.

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