Be still my beating heart

Delighted to be invited to be part of House & Garden's "The Art Edit". Showcased in their October 2021 issue is one of my favourite new paintings: "Be still my beating heart".

Image of House & Garden magazine cover. The masthead is in red. A home interior image is shown behind the masthead and coverlines.

A page from House & Garden magazine's Art Edit: the top half of the page shows a collection of artworks below which the text is arranged in two columns.

Berkshire residents might recognise this part of the Thames path. It's close to where the Kennett meets the Thames. A lovely memory of a winter sunset walk.

Painting of swans on a river. One upright with its wings outstreteched. One with its head under its wing. And two more on the water. There are bare trees silhouetted against the sky and the sunset sky is reflected on the water.


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