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Seascapes 52: week 13 

13 down, 39 to go. I'm a quarter of the way through my commitment to weekly Seascape blogs. Not a bad start. I'm marking this milestone with one of my favourite natural landmarks: the iconic Durdle Door.

Painting of Durdle Door and beach

Of all my UK seascapes, this is the one that I selected for my submission to the Art Gallery SW UK landscapes and cityscapes exhibition. The virtual exhibition ends on Sunday 31 March, so do check it out before the weekend is up. 

What made me pick it? I like it. Dorset was the first bit of UK coastline that I visited when I first headed to Britain. I've been back since because it is rather lovely. I've not been lucky enough to find any fossils along the Jurassic Coast on any of my visits. But the scenery is still inspiring. This view in particular. My favourite bit is the cliffs in the distance.

This painting was created as part of my "Best of Britain" series. The series marked a turning point for me. I'd always painted landscapes to express my homesickness. Starting the series showed my growing connection to Britain, literally painting to acknowledge the roots I'd begun to put down.  

Here's a peak at some of the early layers for this painting. Lots of spontaneity and movement in this.

Seascape painting in progress with beach and landmarks

My colour palette at this point in my painting journey was quite saturated. This wasn't intentional. I've always felt that this painting turned out brighter than I had pictured it. 

These days some of my seascapes have the opposite result. In the last year, I've been experimenting with mixing colours and blending in new ways. I suspect this has toned down the saturation in some of my seascape creations.

Find the painting in the exhibition before the end of March. If you're reading thereafter, it might make its way back into my Land & Sea collection.

Thanks for reading. Join in next Wednesday when I dip my blogging toes into the second quarter of Seascapes 52. 

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