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Jeanne-Louise Art

Arabesque away: corps de ballet diptych painting

Arabesque away: corps de ballet diptych painting

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Add a splash of colour to a small space. Perfect for a shelf or small wall, this original ballerina painting will warm your heart with its sunflower colour palette. 

Medium: Original oil painting on canvas

Dimensions: 2 panels to hang side-by-side, each 5 by 7 inches (approx.)

Completed: 2017

Artist notes: This painting followed on from my Vintage corps de ballet diptych. I wanted to continue the exploration of using brown for the figures, as I'd done in a series of ballerina greetings cards. The yellow was a pragmatic choice, I had a lot of yellow paint on my palette from another creation. I don't like wasting paint.

Artist framing tip: A dark wood floating frame will complement this artwork well. Ask your framer to leave a slight offset between the two panels and between the panels and the frame so it's not too snug. Dancers look best if they have a bit of space to move into.

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