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Jeanne-Louise Art

Brown-hooded kingfisher oil painting

Brown-hooded kingfisher oil painting

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Perfect small but gently colourful kingfisher painting for bird lovers.

Medium: Original oil painting on canvas board

Dimensions: 8 by 10 inches (approx.)

Completed: 2020

Artist notes: When I lived in the Eastern Cape (South Africa), I often woke up to a little kingfisher sitting on the washing line. Special birds. I’d wanted to paint some for a while and asked my aunt who lives in the Eastern Cape if she had any photographs of kingfishers I might use as painting references. She generously sent me quite a range and I “saved” these for December when I knew I’d have some “painting time” (i.e. annual leave from my University job) but fewer flowers in my garden to paint. Lucky decision since we went back into lockdown in December so it was really good to have the photo references on hand to work with. I first did a series of three kingfishers in landscape format. I enjoyed painting their feathers so much, that I added this one and another to my series.


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